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T-Line Begins Service

The much-anticipated expansion of the T-Line (the central subway) is expected to begin service November 19, 2022. We are happy to be a part of this project. 

The new route will connect Chinatown and 4th/Brannan stations with additional stops at Yerba Buena and Union Square. Channel Lumber has been a supplier of materials, including concrete forms, throughout all phases of the expansion. 

The MUNIi subway lines have always been a great way to get around San Francisco, unless you wanted to navigate the central, most congested and hilly part of the city. Now with the T-line expansion, the most traffic-congested parts of the city can now be navigated underground with speed and efficiency. 

Four new stations have been added: 4th/Brannan, Yerba Buena/Moscone, Union Square, and Chinatown/Rose Pak. The excavation, boring, and heavy construction phases of the project are now complete, and testing is now underway. Testing will include control systems, evacuation drills, radio and data communications, and other aspects to ensure the safety of passengers. 

The subway is a feat of engineering, and a testament to the innovation and the dedicated work of San Francisco contractors, laborers, engineers, and architects. Channel Lumber is proud to have been part of this project since its inception. 

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