Epacenter Arts

Civil & Community | East Palo Alto, California

Community Arts Center

Channel Lumber has partnered with Overaa Construction to build the Epacenter Arts facility in East Palo Alto. The facility will be a hub for local youth for instruction and self expression via the arts. Core programs will be art, dance, design, film and music. 

The mission of Epacenter Arts, from their website, is "to increase opportunities for youth to discover and amplify their talents, realize their potential, and impact the world through the arts."

A Hub for Youth in East Palo Alto

The center will be 25,000 square feet and will be designed as a pavilion of linked buildings with a central courtyard housing a cafe, visual, recording, and dance studios, youth and community spaces, office space, and a performance theater. The surrounding outdoor spaces will be home to an amphitheater, a rainwater system, and parking, among other features. 

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