Facebook Headquarters

Corporate | Menlo Park, California

In 2015 Facebook opened its new headquarters in Menlo Park. Channel lumber provided products and services on multiple levels including lumber, concrete forms, plywood and delivery.

The new Facebook campus was designed by architect Frank Gehry. The collaboration between Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) and Gehry resulted in a modern, spacious, cost effective work space. The green construction process was supported by Channel Lumber as an FSC licensed, and LEED® green builder. The completed project is certified by the US Green Building Council.

The new Facebook building is located across the highway from the previous HQ (still in use). The two buildings are connected by a tunnel running beneath the highway, where shuttle and bike traffic keep information flowing in both directions. A striking feature of the new facility is its lack of walls or cubicles. Each workspace is identical, and comes unfinished. Employees are encouraged to decorate and personalize the spaces to their liking. The concept was to create and ideal environment for teams to collaborate.

Design accents were provided by local artists, and the 9 acre rooftop park features paths, gardens, and open air meeting spaces.