Golden Gate Park Ferris Wheel

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Ferris Wheel in Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park is celebrating its 150 year anniversary; events and festivities will be celebrated throughout the year. 

One of the main features is an illuminated Ferris Wheel. Channel Lumber provided materials and services for the installation of the ferris wheel. The structure itself has multiple gondolas, each equipped to house six passengers. The ferris wheel will provide sweeping views of San Francisco. 

Golden Gate Park, originally known as Outside Lands, was founded in 1870. The park's first official structure was the Conservatory of Flowers which still remains today. In the aftermath of the 1906 Earthquake the park served as a refugee camp for those displaced by the wreckage. 

Golden Gate Park is also home to Bison, and has been instrumental in saving Bison from extinction.

Symbol of Iconic Park

The installation of the Ferris Wheel is created as a symbol of the deep history of this iconic park. The park hosts 25 million visitors per year. 

Channel Lumber is an industry leader in civic projects like the Golden Gate Park Ferris Wheel. 

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