Mare Island

Civil & Community | Vallejo, California

Mare Island Renovation

Mare Island, located in Vallejo, California is undergoing a major transformation and fast becoming one of the most desirable commercial and residential opportunities in the Bay Area. Throughout its numerous phases of development, Channel Lumber has provided services and goods including concrete forms, lumber and delivery services

Former Military Base Becomes Hot Spot

From 1853-2000, Mare Island was a US Naval Military base (MISNY - Mare Island Naval Shipyard). It was the first Navy base established on the Pacific Ocean. Over the years it came to be one of the most important ship building facilities, as well as strategic defense bases in US military history. The base played a particularly important role in the development and building of the US Navy submarine fleet. In its tenure, the  Mare Island Shipyard built over eighty seagoing vessels. 
The base was decommissioned in 1996, and began sale and transfer to private ownership and development in 2000. Although still in active development, Mare Island has achieved a stunning transformation. New amenities include private residential housing, ferry service, a distillery, brewery, and numerous retail establishments. The island also has nature preserves, hiking trails, and a historic park foundation.

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