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American Canyon, CA - Civil & Community



Corporate Hub in American Canyon

Napa Logistics Park is located in American Canyon, within Napa County. It is ideally situated to become a hub of warehousing and distribution in Northern California. The proximity to Napa Valley will facilitate the wine industry, and in addition will partner with companies across all interests. 

There are several keys to what make this park attractive to corporations and business owners. One is sheer size. The property boasts 2.9 million square feet of distribution and warehouse space, allowing for a broad range of corporations to do business. In addition, it is located ideally at a cross section of transportation options including the Union Pacific Railroad, Interstate 80, the Port of Oakland and several other ancillary highways. 

Channel Lumber has provided services and products through the various phases of production. In the photo depicted we can see concrete forming and ties to set the foundation for a warehouse. 

Partnership with CalGreen

Channel Lumber has also parterned with the park to promote and sustain green building practices, and have aligned with the U.S. Green Building Council, and CalGreen

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