New Solutions to Carbon Emissions

birch trees

Net Zero buildings have been at the cutting edge of Green building in the last decade. The foundation of this is that once the building opens for business it produces the energy it consumes. A net zero building is also expected to recycle waste, including carbon dioxide

This is referred to as operational carbon. Operational carbon, however, is not the only carbon liability in the lifespan of a structure. There is also carbon that is produced in the building process itself, as well as in the production of building materials. This is referred to as “embodied carbon”.

Embodied carbon emissions are the new frontier in the building world. There is an entire industry emerging that is dedicated to analyzing how much carbon is produced in construction, and how it can be eradicated. 

For instance two Swedish companies, Skanska and Volvo, are at the forefront of research and have plans for embodied carbon reduction. Their plans for all new buildings, infrastructure, and renovations detail 40% less emissions by 2030, and zero emissions by 2050. 

Let’s hope they can do it! 

Channel Lumber is dedicated to the vision and day to day operation of Green Building as well as the promotion of Green Building across the construction industry. 

Please contact us for more information about how to build Green.

5 Services for Your Next Construction Project

truck with forklift

With over fifty year’s experience in the commercial lumber business, we have learned what it takes to satisfy customers. The size and quality of our inventory, milling facilities, and our services reflect our commitment to fulfill your every need. 

  1. Forklift Unloading on Deliveries: This is the latest addition to our service portfolio. The forklift is piggybacked onto the delivery truck as depicted above. This makes for efficent and cost-effective off loading to your site. 
  2. Delivery: Channel Lumber has the largest delivery fleet of any company in the Bay Area. Our trucks are painted a distinctive yellow, and we deliver to locations throughout Northern California. Trucks are equipped with GPS so we can track where your product is and precisely when it will arrive to keep your job moving. 
  3. Custom Projects: Our full service shop, project assembly division and skilled craftsmen can create your custom product from scratch and deliver it to your site on time. If you can design it, we can build it. Our Manufacturing and Assembly division includes concrete forms, pedestrian barricade panels, heavy duty crane mats and pads, and a endless variety of other custom products. 
  4. Mill Work: A wide variety of projects can be handled through our custom mill work. We specialize in duplicating unique or historical patterns from your building to spec. 
  5. Architectural and Project Management Consultation: With over 50 years doing business in Northern California, we know the ins and outs of requirements, codes, products, and project work flow. Before you break ground, with the help of our expert team you can map out your project saving you money on costly delays, and surprises. 

For more information on our products and services, please contact us.

World of Concrete

World of Concrete

Channel Lumber attended the World of Concrete 2020 convention in Las Vegas February 3-7.

Concrete is one of the most used building materials globally. Ton for ton its usage is more than twice that of steel, wood, plastics, and aluminum combined. So concrete is big business.

The concrete industry is evolving quickly as new compounds are being created and tested. Among the reasons for this is that concrete production off puts a ton of CO2 for every ton of ton of cement created. Globally, this is a massive contributor to greenhouse gasses and climate change.

Among the innovations in concrete have been the development of graphene concrete. Although still in the testing phase, graphene base concrete is stronger, more flexible than traditional concrete, and can trap CO2. New forms of concrete are also being tested that are electrically conductive, and can in fact act as a battery to deliver energy to office devices, for example.

Channel Lumber continues to be committed to be on the cutting edge of Green Building, sustainability, and the latest of building trends and materials.

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Channel Lumber Annual Holiday Party

We had a blast at our annual Holiday Party. Check out the pictures below!

Channel Lumber holiday party
Enjoying a moment by the tree

The annual Channel Lumber Holiday party was held this year at the Monterey Plaza Hotel. Guests stayed at the hotel and also enjoyed a cocktail reception Saturday eventing.

Channel Lumber holiday party
Cocktails anyone?

Saturday dinner was held at the Whaling Station Steakhouse.

Seafood appetizer
Seafood appetizer

Although not officially part of the party, some attendees enjoyed a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Channel Lumber holiday party
A good time was had by all
Channel Lumber holiday party
Happy Holidays

As always, all of us at Channel Lumber thank you for your business in 2019, and wish you the best in 2020. For more information about Channel Lumber please visit our website or contact us.

Mill Work


Channel Lumber has a full service Mill which features industry leading products, expert craftsmen, and unmatched turnaround times. There are several divisions of the Mill including planers, molders, resaw, drilling, corbels, ripping, band saws and more. If you can imagine it, we can build it. 

The Bay Area has many distinct and iconic architectural styles. For remodels and building maintenance it is crucial that the style be preserved. Channel Lumber specializes in historical patterns and difficult projects. Our Mill can replicate any wood product from any era with expert precision. This goes from large projects such as ripping timber, to the smallest detail in a corbel or molding. 

If you have project in mind of any scale, please contact us to learn more about our first in class service.

LEED: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

What is LEED?

LEED is a platform by which construction projects can gauge and improve their environmental impact. There are four categories of LEED certification. Each project that applies can choose the category that best suits their needs. Channel Lumber is committed to promoting green building, and environmentally conscious development. LEED is the industry standard by which this is achieved. 

There are currently more than 90,000 projects using LEED in over 165 countries. LEED certification works for any project anywhere in the world. The goals of LEED are to save energy, water, resources, and to generate less waste. And to support human health! 

The ultimate goal of LEED is net zero construction and buildings. What this means in practical terms are: Zero carbon emissions, source energy balance, potable water balance, and waste management.

To learn more about Channel Lumber’s commitment to green building and LEED, please contact us.

San Francisco Bay Trail

San Francisco Bay Trail
Long view of form lumber.

The San Francisco Bay Trail is under construction, with gaps in the trail being closed in various locations around San Francisco Bay. Once completed the trail will encircle the entire Bay! Channel Lumber has provided services and products throughout the development and construction of the trail, including concrete forms and lumber for the pedestrian bridge in Pinole. 

San Francisco Bay Trail
Beneath view of the bridge under construction.

The planned trail will eventually be a 500-mile cycling and walking path that will run through 47 cities, and 9 counties. It will also be a viable commute corridor, connecting cities, schools, parks, and open spaces. The trail navigates a wide variety of terrain, and takes different forms from fully paved bikeways, bridges and causeways, the Embarcadero in San Francisco, and natural surface trails with varying widths. Currently 227 miles of the trail are paved, and 127 miles are natural. 

San Francisco Bay Trail
A sense of scale.

The trail is widely supported and enjoyed throughout the Bay Area. The Bay Area Trail Plan, authored by then Senator Bill Lockyer, was passed into law in 1987.

For more information about Channel Lumber projects, services and products, please contact us.

How You Can Help the Amazon Rainforest

amazon rainforest

As many of you know, the Amazon forest is experiencing devastating, massive fires. Thus far over 80,000 fires have been detected. The smoke can be seen from space. 

So why do you need to care? Although the Amazon Rainforest produces about 6% of Earth’s oxygen, the threat posed by the fires has much more to do with the destruction of ecosystems and animal species, as well as refuge for indiginous people whose lives are inextricably interwoven with the forest. The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most carbon rich and bio-diverse landscapes on the planet, and this in and of itself is reason to oppose deforestation.

Channel Lumber is committed to Green Building and works closely with the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is a global nonprofit created to promote responsible forest management world wide. 

In response to the fires in the Amazon, we have compiled a list of resources where you can offer direct help. 

You can donate directly to the following organizations:

You can also get involved by contacting your local officials, and by signing this Greenpeace petition. 

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Leed Platinum: Tumble Creek Cabin

Channel Lumber is a key supporter of the green building movement, with numerous LEED gold and platinum certified projects. More and more buildings and homes are being built in green and sustainable ways. In addition to LEED certification, many developments and properties are striving for “Net Zero”.

Net Zero buildings and homes are typically properties which are on the grid, but produce all the energy they need on site. These buildings require no grid power, pay no power bills and are carbon free.

One great example of a Net Zero home, as featured in Dwell Magazine, is the Tumble Creek Cabin in Washington State. This property is the first LEED Platinum certified home in the state.

Although the home has many features that make it Net Zero, here is a list of key features:

  • Passive solar system with ultra-premium insulation and an energy recovery system. The insulation minimizes the need for heating and cooling and the recovery system reclaims energy for use in other systems
  • Radiant floor heating throughout
  • A large floor to ceiling board-formed concrete fireplace acts as a thermal heat sink, stabilizing the temperature in the home
  • Reclaimed, rustic materials
  • LED lighting
  • An airtight “mudroom” allows guests to enter and exit while keeping out chilly or hot air.

Channel Lumber is proud to be a leader of green and sustainable building. To find out more about our products and services, please contact us.

Concrete and Steel: 650 Townsend

The interior begins to take form.

Originally constructed in 1990, 650 Townsend is a 6 story concrete and steel office building. It has a total of 672,000 square feet, 8 elevators, underground and rooftop parking. The building has hosted a variety of businesses since opening. Channel Lumber provided products and services throughout various phases of the buildings original development and subsequent remodels and upgrades.

Graceful curves define each floor.

The building is the current HQ for gaming developer Zynga. The company purchased the building in 2012, at the beginning of a surge in commercial real estate prices. Zynga purchased the building for $228 million, about $317 per square foot. They are selling it at a considerable profit for $800 per square foot.

Detail of the wood railing.

In addition to Zynga, the building houses three additional tenants, each with unique hours and needs. The outdated HVAC system was not able to handle the needs of all the clients, had ongoing maintenance issues, and resulted in outlandish energy bills. Zynga, along with property managers Cushman and Wakefield eventually hired Syserco, an energy infrastructure specialist, and overhauled the HVAC resulting in a savings of $300,000 per year.

A sense of scale.

Channel Lumber is the industry leading supplier for construction products and services. For more information about Channel Lumber and our projects, please contact us.