Channel Lumber Holiday Party

Employees and guests of Channel Lumber gathered at the Monterey Plaza and Spa to celebrate the holidays, and a year of teamwork and success. A good time was had by all. Here are a few photos of the event.

Arriving to Monterey. Nice day for a party!


Town Greeter.

Dinner Menu

The delicious menu.

Getting into the Holiday spirit.

Enjoying a fantastic meal with coworkers, family and friends.

Christmas Dinner


Speech at dinner



Dessert Buffet

And at last…a Holiday Dessert!

2017 was great year at Channel Lumber; thank you for your partnership and business!

Happy New Year!

Five Tips to Keep Your Holidays Green

sustainable holidays

Sustainability is one of our core values, here are five tips to your holidays green.


  1. Purchase a live christmas tree. There are many advantages to having a live tree. For starters, a live tree will be more fragrant than a cut tree. Although many tree farms are sustainable, you won’t be paying for a dead tree, nor contributing to the costs of transport and disposal. You get the joy of having the same tree year after year, and once is has become too big to handle, you simply plant it in the yard. Start a tradition with a live tree. Find your sustainable Christmas Tree here.
  2. Reduce packaging and reuse wrapping paper. Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This year consider using your own shopping bags, buying sustainable foods, avoid extra packaging and reuse wrapping paper.
  3. Make hand-crafted gifts and DIY decorations. 35% of Christmas gives end up in the closet, never to be used. Make the holidays more personal and creative by crafting a gift by hand, and making a wreath with material from your own yard.
  4. Give a gift that supports your community. This could mean buying local products, giving tickets to the theater, a museum membership or art classes. Make a donation in someone’s name.
  5. Conserve electricity. Those festive lights use electricity. Try switching to LED lights, and rethink the importance of over the top lighting. Would candles in the window be better choice to create the feeling of warmth and community?
The list of ways you can have a more sustainable Holiday goes on. Use your imagination and enjoy creating traditions that feel good and support the planet.