Crane Mats

Channel Lumber Co has been custom milling crane mats for over 40 years for our customers. We make our crane mats from douglas fir #2 rough. We can custom make any dimensions and fill any special demands you require. We stock:

 5’ x 16’        5’ x 24’

 5’ x 20’        5’ x 30’

All at 12” thickness with pick points to move them around your job site. We can provide you with up to 40’ long mats.

We custom mill our crane mats with steel rods 4’ foot on center except on 30s which is 5’ on center. The steel rods we use are 1” and ¼ cut thread and we assemble every crane mat with union labored workers. Again, our skilled workers can make any custom crane mat that you may need.

Need wedge mats? Channel Lumber can provide you with wedge mats made specifically for you and your needs. Don’t want to buy a brand new crane mats for your job then you are in luck because we also sell used crane mats, when available, as well as lease our quality mats.

Average Mats Per Truck Load









Crane Mat Weights Per SQ. FT.

40 LBS per SQ. FT. for 12”

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