Channel Lumber Supplies Tropical Wood for Stanford University Benches

Channel Lumber recently partnered with Boyett Construction to build a series of benches on the Stanford University Campus.

The installation includes an “X and Y” bench, and in addition circular and bracket bookend courtyard enclosures. The benches serve as functional places for students to gather, and socialize, while maintaining a design concept congruent with the academic setting.

The benches were built of Ipe, supplied by Channel Lumber. Ipe, also known as Brazilian hardwood, is a tropical wood growing throughout Central and South America. Often a top choice for decking, Ipe is extremely durable, strong, naturally resistant to moisture and decay, and insect infestations.

Channel Lumber Stanford

A bird’ eye view of the circular bench being installed.


The other half of the circle bookends the plaza, creating a courtyard feel.


Although Ipe can be heavy and hard on tools, the grain and color are consistent from board to board, making for a beautiful, long lasting finished product.


Detail of the Ipe,  and the fine craftsmanship.


The bench installation features an X and Y. Here is the Y.


And the X.


The plaza view of the X with enclosing bracket benches.


The same plaza from above, showing the X installation completed.

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