Channel Lumber is Friends with the Napa River

napa river

Friends of Napa River (FONR) is a community organization whose mission is to “be the community’s voice for the protection, restoration, responsible development and celebration of the Napa River and its watershed through education and advocacy.”

The organization recently hosted the “Living River Celebration” event at the Westin in Napa to honor the elected officials who have supported FONR, and specifically the Oxbow Bypass Flood Channel project. Channel Lumber has been a long-standing supporter of FONR, and was a donor for the event.

Historically, the Napa River is prone to flooding. In downtown Napa, the river makes a hairpin turn and when water levels are high, the river naturally floods into a straight line. This causes damage to infrastructure, and has prevented the downtown from being developed as insurance companies would not cover flood damage in the area.

Twenty years ago, the Army Corp of Engineers proposed a cement channel to redirect the river in downtown Napa. The residents of Napa did not like the aesthetic of the channel, and subsequently the “Living River Plan” was created. The plan involved buying land along the river, removing infrastructure and toxic soil. It also included a more appealing Oxbow Bypass, which eventually became a park and trail network along the river known as the Oxbow Commons.

The community voted to fund the project with a small sales tax. The tax along with matching grant funds and private donations has paid for the Living River Plan so far. The strategy has been successful with the ecosystem being restored, animals returning, and development in downtown Napa. There are still more phases of the plan to be completed and FONR is actively working with the community and government to fulfill the vision of the Living River Plan. Please visit the Friends of Napa River website for more information.

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Net Zero Energy Library in Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is building a new 22,000 square foot library with Channel Lumber providing products and services throughout all phases of construction. The library will be a Net Zero Energy (NZE) Building, with LEED® Silver of better certification. The project is in partnership with BHM Construction.

Side of building

A look at the siding as it is placed.

In addition to a book depository, the new facility will focus on multi-use areas for meetings, events, and internet connectivity.

construction site

A view of the second story, which will be enclosed in glass.

construction site

The unfinished walls for both stories with be finished with glass.

The contemporary design will feature teen literacy facilities, a children’s learning area, an atrium and rooftop deck.

side of building

The wood siding is nearly complete.

two buildings

A new perceptive of the grounds.

building construction

Close up of one of the facilities nearing completion.

Channel Lumber is proud to support this new library and its commitment to achieving the highest Green Building standards both during constructions and as a functioning facility.

Please contact us for more information on our services and products.

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Trugrain: Seven Facts about this Leading Edge Product

TruGrain productTechnology is transforming the lumber industry, and TruGrain made with Resysta® is at the leading edge. At Channel Lumber we are pleased to distribute and represent this Green building product. Here are some facts about TruGrain that can help you decide if it is right for your next project.

1. TrueGrain™ is made of agricultural waste. About 25% of this is rice husks, a renewable product in great supply.

2. TruGrain™ looks like wood, and be repaired and treated like wood. It can be drilled, painted, oiled and sawed, with the advantage that it does not splinter.

3. TruGrain™ is not susceptible to insect infestation. It is water (even saltwater) resistant, slip resistant, and has a lifespan longer than wood.

4. TruGrain™ comes in a variety of formats, including decking, siding, and facade.

5. TruGrain™ does not contribute to deforestation.

6. TruGrain™ is class A fire resistant, will not absorb moisture, and shows no evidence of fungal decay in tests.

7. There have been many synthetic wood products that have come and gone over the years. Although many had excellent structural attributes, they simply did not have the warmth and look of natural wood. This is where TruGrain™ shines. It looks and feels the woods that are most popular in design and construction.

Channel Lumber carries a variety of TruGrain™ products. Please contact us for more information.

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The Cutting Edge: 5 Products and Services at Channel Lumber

Happy worker at Channel Lumber.At Channel Lumber we are proud to offer a wide variety of industry leading products and services. From lumber and plywood to hardware to lumber grading, Channel Lumber has a depth of professional solutions for large and small scale construction projects. Here is an outline of 5 products and services at Channel Lumber.

  1. Green Building. Channel Lumber is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®), and works closely with the  Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®). The FSC® has a 10 point mission which protects and preserves our forests globally. These include protecting the rights of indigenous peoples, maintaining long term social and economic well being of forest workers, conserving biodiversity, water resources, soils, assessing conditions of forests, and maintaining of high conservation value forests. Forests cover 30% of the Globe, with 70% of animals living in forests. LEED® is symbol of achievement in Green Building. LEED® provides a framework by which all building projects can be rated for sustainability. Their goal is to create highly efficient, cost effective, healthy Green Buildings.
  2. Concrete Forms. Concrete is a very versatile material in that it can be molded into a wide variety of useful shapes. Concrete forms  are wooden forms which outline and mold the concrete while it dries. Channel Lumber is an industry leader in concrete forms, which have given shape to countless projects including Caldecott Tunnel, Golden Gate Bridge retrofit, and Levi Stadium.
  3. Mill Work. Channel Lumber offers top notch mill work. Perhaps you have a unique design that requires custom wood. Channel Lumber can mill the wood to your specs. Or perhaps you are renovating a house, and can’t find a perfect match for a beam. Channel Lumber can make it.
  4. Sidings. Channel Lumber has stock siding in several materials including cement, plywood, hardwood, shingles, and metal. If you don’t find what you are looking for or have a custom design, Channel Lumber can build it to your specs.
  5. Project Management. For over 50 years Channel Lumber has consulted with architects, contracts, engineers, and city planners to help navigate large development projects in the most efficient, cost effective way. By working with the design team from the earliest stages of a project, Channel Lumber can effectively help with material selection, and help process the difficult building regulations here in northern California so that costly delays can be avoided.

For more information about our products and services, please contact us. 

Sound Off: New Dolby Headquarters

Dolby Laboratories HQIn September 2015 Dolby Laboratories opened its new headquarters on Market Street in downtown San Francisco. The building was a consolidation of two separate buildings, one in Potrero Hill, one South of Market. The renovation of the former State Insurance building utilized a significant supply of fire treated Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) lumber provided by Channel Lumber.

Dolby Laboratories is known worldwide for creating the seminal circuit which removed unwanted noise and hiss from sound recordings. The circuit was patented in 1969 by inventor and founder Ray Dolby. The name Dolby since has become synonymous with industry leading sound production, and is used widely for sound recordings for movies, and popular music.

Several artists were commissioned in the design of the new facility, and the office transitions seamlessly from open, revolving work space to art installations, infusing the headquarters with creativity and innovation. The traditional cubicle format was abandoned to encourage employees to experiment and express themselves through their work environment.

In addition to sound production, Dolby Laboratories also features on site theaters, and a research facility which, among many, conducts experiments on how sound and media affect human physiology.  Current popular releases using Dolby are too numerous to list and include “Ghost in the Shell”, and “King Arthur”. For more information about how Channel Lumber can provide lumber, concrete, and services to your business, please contact us.

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Building Green. What does it mean?

At Channel Lumber, sustainable building is one of our primary goals. Sustainability and “Green” building means that the process of construction, from forest growth and management, harvesting, transportation, on site materials and procedures, recycling and refuse, and the functioning of the completed facility all adhere to the highest standards of eco-sustainability.

Channel Lumber is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), the United States’ highest standard for forest management and lumber products. Channel Lumber also works closely with LEED standards, which provide a framework and grading scale to help projects find the most cost effective way to build green. More information on both of these are outlined on the Green Building page of our website.

There are so many design features that can help to create more sustainable structures, and better forest management. Simple concepts— building near public transportation to minimize driving resources, positioning a building to maximize solar sun exposure and natural warming, and even building smaller. Sharing structural materials and building the foundation and roofing surface areas up instead of out are additional ways to improve environmental efficiencies. Builders can cut costs and create unique designs by reclaiming and reusing lumber and materials.

For more information on Channel Lumber products and services, please contact us.

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Cavallo Point Lodge at Golden Gate

Cavallo Point

In 2008, Fort Baker Sausalito became Cavallo Point Eco Lodge. The restoration project
cost $103 million, with products and services provided by Channel Lumber.

Originally constructed between 1901 and 1910, Fort Baker Sausalito was a military base built to guard the San Francisco bay. It stands on the north side of the Golden Gate, directly across from Fort Point. The base housed military personnel, features several batteries, and consists of 25 historic buildings, including a bowling alley and munitions storage.

The original buildings were constructed of now archaic materials such as old growth timber, unreinforced brick and stone masonry, and cement plaster walls. As much as possible, these materials were restored and reused. However much had to be replaced, like rotted wood, with new materials made to match the original.

Photographs of the original construction were referenced during the restoration. This was done primarily to remove several modifications that were made between 1930 and 1945, and restore the buildings to their original design.

In keeping with Channel Lumber’s mission to maintain the highest standards of Green Building, Cavallo Point was built and is maintained as sustainably as possible. It has been honored with LEED® Gold Certification from U.S. Green Building Council. Cavallo Point is the First National Park Lodge and the First on the National Register of Historic Places to be honored with Leed Certification.

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Channel Lumber Goes Green with Energy Efficiency, PV Solar and Energy Storage!

In our ongoing effort to support Green Building, to lower costs for our customers and to do our part to help reduce the growing demands on the California electrical grid, Channel Lumber Company is pleased to announce that we are going extremely green! With our newly installed energy efficiency and solar generation platform consisting of power conditioning, energy monitoring, PV solar power, energy output forecasting and behind-the-meter energy storage, Channel Lumber is moving into a clean energy future, today.

Forecast Energy, a Richmond, Ca. based energy solutions provider, working closely with our management team has designed, developed and installed a leading-edge comprehensive energy platform for Channel Lumber. It provides a complete solution for our energy challenges today, plus is fully scalable to meet our future energy requirements.

The industry-leading technology solution provided by Forecast Energy will replace an estimated 90% of grid power with new efficiency and energy generation. Delivered via an integrated, on-premise energy platform solution. This platform achieves greater efficiency through power harvesting, advanced monitoring solutions, energy output forecasting, and new energy generation with clean PV solar power backed-up by cutting-edge energy storage. In addition, extensive monitoring throughout the facility will be utilized to track performance, provide alerts, deliver dynamic energy data to the AI-driven energy forecasting platform and assist our team with on-going maintenance requirements. It’s all combined in a fully integrated system that provides Channel Lumber with better, cleaner power and greater flexibility in energy management. All of which results in less grid-dependency, lower energy costs and improved power quality.

The project consists of:

  1. Forecast Energy Power Harvester technologies to reduce power consumption and improve power quality.
  2. Facility–wide energy monitoring with a custom-designed data architecture.
  3. 315 kW rooftop PV solar panel installation. Solar panels were provided by SolarWorld, USA
  4. 120kW/160kWh energy storage platform to capture, hold and deliver power during peak hours to further reduce demand charges and improve overall energy use and efficiency throughout the facility.
  5. Forecast Energy’s WAVE® forecasting technology to provide predictive energy use and output data to better manage energy generation, storage and delivery and support on-going energy management.
Solar panels are installed on the roof.

Solar panels are installed on the roof.

Another view of the panels.

Another view of the panels.

Battery housings. The batteries will store energy that can be supplied during peak hours or at night.

Battery housings. The batteries will store energy that can be supplied during peak hours or at night.

Channel Lumber Solar



Solar power inverters. These convert solar DC output to utility AC that feeds into our grid.

Solar power inverters. These convert solar DC output to utility AC that feeds into our grid.

With this exciting solution on-line and delivering clean energy throughout the Channel Lumber facility, we look forward to 2017 becoming our most energy efficient and green year to date. We want to thank our dedicated Channel Lumber team and our friends and neighbors at Forecast Energy for an on-time and on-budget delivery, providing the highest quality products and services that help move our business, our community and our great State of California forward.

For more information about our energy efficiency and solar initiatives, please contact us directly at 510-234-0233.

TruGrain™ made with Resysta® now Available From Channel Lumber

Channel Lumber - TruGrain™ made with Resysta®

TruGrain™ made with Resysta®

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide our customers with the most durable and sustainable products, we are now offering TruGrain™ made with Resysta®.

A sustainable product that stands the test of time, TruGrain™ offers the beautiful look and feel of natural wood. TruGrain™ is a bio-based material that transforms agricultural waste and transforms it into a durable building product with many applications. Approximately 60% of the proprietary formula is rice husks.

TruGrain™ is easy to install and can be used in several construction applications  —  decks, porches, sidings, and facades.  TruGrain™ can be sawed, drilled, sanded, stained and sealed just like natural woods. TruGrain™ does not absorb water and is chip resistant.

TruGrain™ has received accolades form Green Builder Magazine, the US Building Review, and This Old House.

Contact us today to learn more about using TruGrain™ made with Resysta® in your next project!

A Day in the Life of Channel Lumber

With a camera in hand, a walk through the lumber yard becomes a visual odyssey. Come along as we take a walk through Channel Lumber!

Channel Lumber - Lumber stacks

Lumber Stacks

Lumber stacks

Channel Lumber Delivery Truck

We’ve got best lumber fleet in the Bay area!

Happy Channel Lumber Employee

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Crane mats - Channel Lumber Co

Crane mats – Channel Lumber Co

Channel Lumber Tractor

Channel Lumber Tractor

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Telephone poles


Channel Lumber Caterpillar

Channel Lumber Caterpillar


Simpson Strong Tie Products - Channel Lumber Co

Simpson Strong Tie Products

Channel Lumber - Fleet Member

Channel Lumber – Fleet Member

Richardson Bay, the view from the lumber yard - Channel Lumber Co

Richardson Bay, the view from the lumber yard.