U.S. Greenhouse Gases are Dropping

December 28, 2020

With the sharp drop of air travel, due to pandemic, greenhouse emissions have dropped by 9% in the US. This drop, inadvertantly has put the U.S. back on track to meet the Obama administrations emmisions goals, and has reversed the increase due to the Trump administartions repeal of greenhouse legislation. 

However, with wildfires raging throughout the country, much C02 has been released into the air, somewhat offsetting potential gains from the lowering of air and car travel. 

C02 emissions are closely linked to global warming, and in our current pandemic, we can observe that excessive travel and alternatives like public transportaion can go a long way to slowing or stopping irreversable damage to the planet. 

The World Green Building Council has set a net zero constrution emission goal by 2050. This is an important milestone and provides a tangeable goal for educating the public to all parameters of greenhouse emissions. It is commonly oberved that, cars for instance, are a primary source of the impacts of global warming. Such is not the case. The production of builidng materials. and in fact the process of building can also have significant impact on C02 output and subsequently global warming. 

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