Sustaining Communities: Lomakatsi

November 23, 2021

Lomakatsi Resoration Project

In accordance with our support of Green Building and sustainable lumber, we are pleased to feature the Lomokatsi Restoration Project. Based in Ashland Oregon, Lomakatsi's mission is to restore forests, ecosystems, communities, and to create a life in balance. Lomakatsi works with Federal and State land management agencies, land trusts, private owners, watershed councils, governments on all levels, Native American Tribes and more. 

Lomakatsi integrates science, ecological treatment, education, workforce training and community outreach. Primarily based in Southern Oregon, this company has consulted and overseen stewardship projects in Klamath, Pit River, Ashland Forest Resiliency, Wild River, and more. The company has a highly trained and specialized work force who carry out very detailed forest management prescriptions. It is a 360 management system which includes wildfire prevention, watershed, wildlife preservation, plant association, and all the related groundwork. 

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