3 Great Sustainable Building Materials

July 21, 2020


Building with Bamboo

At Channel Lumber, we believe in Green and sustainable building practices. Many of our products are at the forefront of this industry, and it is also our mission to educate about alternative and sustainable building products. 

The following three products are versatile and sustainable. 

1 - Bamboo. This remarkable product is actually stronger than steel and twice as strong as concrete. It requires very little energy to grow, is renewable, can prevent soil erosion, and offers a host of other benefits to humans, and wildlife. 

2 - Recycled Plastics. This product can be used in a variety of ways, and can also be combined with virgin plastics (that have not been used) for a higher quality material. One application of recycled plastic is the spinning of thread for carpet. Another use is to regain the energy in the physical plastic by burning it at high temperatures and using the heat to power turbines, or heat buildings.

3 - Straw Bale Construction. Using straw bales to build a home has many advantages. First, as straw is typically a waste product, it is essentially a way to be more efficient. Often the materials can be found on or near site alleviating the need for costly delivery. Bales are great insulators, and very easy to build with, even for a novice builder.

Contact Channel Lumber to find out more about Green building and our vast selection of sustainable products.

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