A Day in the Life of Channel Lumber

December 7, 2015

With a camera in hand, a walk through the lumber yard becomes a visual odyssey. Come along as we take a walk through Channel Lumber! Channel Lumber - Lumber stacks


Channel Lumber Delivery Truck

We've got best lumber fleet in the Bay area.Happy Channel Lumber Employee

Whistle while you work.Crane mats - Channel Lumber Co

Crane mats .Channel Lumber Tractor

Channel Lumber Tractor.Telephone poles - Channel Lumber Co

Telephone poles.Channel Lumber Caterpillar Channel Lumber Caterpillar[/caption]   [caption id="attachment_191" align="aligncenter" width="579"]Simpson Strong Tie Products - Channel Lumber Co Simpson Strong Tie Products[/caption] [caption id="attachment_189" align="aligncenter" width="579"]Channel Lumber - Fleet Member Channel Lumber - Fleet Member[/caption] [caption id="attachment_178" align="aligncenter" width="579"]Richardson Bay, the view from the lumber yard - Channel Lumber Co

Richardson Bay, the view from the lumber yard.

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