Building Green. What does it mean?

July 5, 2017


At Channel Lumber, sustainable building is one of our primary goals. Sustainability and “Green” building means that the process of construction, from forest growth and management, harvesting, transportation, on site materials and procedures, recycling and refuse, and the functioning of the completed facility all adhere to the highest standards of eco-sustainability.

Channel Lumber is Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), the United States’ highest standard for forest management and lumber products. Channel Lumber also works closely with LEED standards, which provide a framework and grading scale to help projects find the most cost effective way to build green. More information on both of these are outlined on the Green Building page of our website.

There are so many design features that can help to create more sustainable structures, and better forest management. Simple concepts— building near public transportation to minimize driving resources, positioning a building to maximize solar sun exposure and natural warming, and even building smaller. Sharing structural materials and building the foundation and roofing surface areas up instead of out are additional ways to improve environmental efficiencies. Builders can cut costs and create unique designs by reclaiming and reusing lumber and materials.

For more information on Channel Lumber products and services, please contact us. Photo credit: Bureau of Land Management

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